February 2, 2008

February 08 CrossFit Journal


The February 2008 CrossFit Journal issue (#66) is out.

Kelly Moore, "CrossFit-Powered U.S. Kettlebell Victory" - In November 2007, longtime CrossFitter Kelly Moore (one of the earliest and most impressive posters of workout scores back in the early days of the WOD) was the first U.S. athlete to earn the rank of Master of Sport World Class in kettlebell sport competition. She tells the story of her path to that achievement, built on a broad and extremely solid base of CrossFit-developed strength anf fitness and facilitated by a specialist coach with the right emphasis on fundamental mechanics and good technique.

Tony Young, "You Can't Lift What You Can't Hold On To" - Although CrossFitters do our share of both heavy slow lifts and Olympic lifts, where grip plays an important role, grip is usually not a specfic training focus. But it is no less important to CrossFitters than to full-time powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen, or grapplers. In fact, our broad training approach means that we need hands and multi-dimensional hand strength even more than most sport-specific athletes. Young presents an overview of grip training both for building stregnth and for rehabbing some wrist, forearm, and elbow injuries.

Robert Ord, "Pre-SOF Training" - The third article in this series on preparing potential military special operations forces recruits describes the "Assessment" phase of Rob Ord's program for buiding the physical and mental fundamentals of what takes to make it in real special operations forces training.

Brian MacKenzie, "The Time Trial as a Training Tool" - Time trials define the endurance sports. They also, says ultra-runner and mutlisport endurance coach Brian MacKenzie, help define you as an athlete and how successful you are in training. He details how to integrate time trials and interval work into a training program for any distance sport.

Mike Burgener, "Coach Burgener Teaches the Snatch, Part 2" (Video Article) - In Part 1 of this instructional video, last month, Coach B worked with Pat, of CrossFit Virginia Beach, on some basics of footwork and positioning for the snatch. In Part 2, they walk through a progression of preparatory skill-transfer exercises and then into the snatch from the high-hang position-all still with just PVC.

Greg Glassman, "Technique, Part 1" (Video Article) - Glassman elaborates on the relationship between technique and functional movement, power, and fitness that underlies some of CrossFit' most basic principles and goals. Technique, he explains-like its cousins mechanics, form, and style-is not at odds with intensity but is in fact essential for maximizing power and thus fitness.

Robin Lyons, "Hammer Time: Throwing Drills" - From the specialized world of track and field, accomplished thrower Robin Lyons brings us some basic throwing moves and drills that anyone can use to build the power, coordination, accuracy, and balance inherent to the sport of hammer throw.

Tom Bohrer, "Use Your Feet for Stronger Rowing" - The role of the feet in indoor rowing technique is seldom dicussed; however, as rowing coach Tom Bohrer argues, it can have a tremendous impact on your form and your efficiency-and therefore your speed and power output.

Greg Hammond, "Row Corrections, Part 2" (Video Article) - Greg Hammond of Concept2 continues the rowing lesson he started in last month's video article. Here, he offers tips on efficiency and troubleshoots a full slate of common technique problems.

Greg Hammond, "Why Indoor Rowing? A Quick List" - A short take on the benefits of rowing, to address the question, "What makes the indoor rower any better than other forms of equipment for metcon (metabolic conditioning) training?

Becca Borawski, "Rear Naked Choke" - Becca Borawski and world-class grappler Valerie Worthington walk us through two versions of the rear naked choke, one of the popular and recognizable grappling moves and the one "most feared whenever a competitor gives up his back to his opponent."


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