December 1, 2007

December 07 CrossFit Journal


The December 2007 CrossFit Journal issue (#64) is out.

Robert Ord, "Pre-SOF Training" - Robert Ord, a former Navy diver supporting SEALs, and the current Director of Training at the U.S. Tactical CrossFit Training Center just outside San Diego, gives an inside view into the design and efficacy of the program that they have implemented to train, motivate, and mentor potential recruits before they enter into one of the U.S. military's elite special forces training pipelines.

Michael Collins, "Efficient Running: The Pose Method" - In the running world, the main focus tends to be on training harder, longer, or faster, and people seem to think you just "naturally" learn to run correctly by merely doing a lot of it. Triathlon coach Michael Collins counters that with an argument about the importance of using safe, efficient technique that harnesses the natural physical forces at play in running.

Brian MacKenzie, "The Basics of Pose Running Techniques" - Endurance athlete and coach Brian MacKenzie outlines some of the basic principles of the Pose technique that Collins introduces. In every sport, he points out, the elite all have some things in common: they use gravity to their advantage; they are compact in their movements; and everything is done with almost an effortless approach. The articles on running technique in this issue will get you started in that direction.

Michael Collins, "Intro to the Pose Method for Distance Running" (Video Article) - In a video companion piece to the articles by him and MacKenzie in this issue, Collins explains and demonstrates how to work with, rather than against, the natural forces at play in non-sprint running.

Tony Leyland, "Why a 10K WOD?" - What's up with all this (relatively) long distance information and interest popping up in the CF world lately? Professor Leyland responds to questions about the rationale for Workouts of the Day such as "Run 10k," and takes it as an occasion to delve into a discussion about the safety, efficacy, and wisdom of such endeavors.

Becca Borawski, "Gi Guard Pass from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" - Regular fight correspondent Borawski gets world-champion grappler Valerie Worthington to demonstrate one Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique for getting yourself out of the guard and into a more offensive position.

Tes Salb, "The Mental Marksman" - In the first of her contributions to the CFJ, athlete, marksman, and Shooting Sports magazine editor Tes Salb focuses on the mental aspects of training and the importance of visualization and concentration in any challenging physical endeavor. In future articles, she'll also examine the role of physical training in successful shooting.

Mike Burgener, with Tony Budding, "Supplemental Olympic Lifting for CrossFitters" - Coach B and Tony B present a sample program for committed CrossFitters who want to continue to train hard-core CrossFit while they also work on getting better in the Oly lifts. They offer an eight-week daily plan for improving your lifts that won't interfere with your standard CrossFit workouts and accommodates the three-days-on/one-day-off cycle of the WOD. Also featuring an index of past CFJ articles on Olympic lifting topics by Burgener and Budding.

Greg Glassman, "Evidence-Based Fitness" (Video Article) - In this excerpt from one of his talks at a recent CrossFit certification seminar, founder Greg Glassman discusses the methods and rationale of CrossFit. Fundamentally, what we are about, he explains, is evidence-based fitness. Here he breaks that statement down into its constituent parts and explains the logical, scientific basis of the CrossFit system for advancing human performance.

Buddy Lee, "Jump Rope Basics, Part 2: More Preparation Phase, Plus Double-Under Tips" - Jump rope guru Buddy Lee gets us deeper into the first of the four phases of his system for learning safe, effective, efficient rope jumping. And he speeds ahead in the progression to give some timely instruction and tips on double-unders, a favorite of many CrossFitters.

Andy Petranek, "Sign on the Dotted Line: Affiliate Membership Contracts" - When Andy Petranek, owner of CrossFit Los Angeles, took a hard look at the question of the best way to structure gym memberships to support both the development and growth of students and the development and growth of his business, one of the answers he came up with seems anathema to many affiliates: long-term contracts. He explains how and why he did it, and what his results have been.

Jeff Glassman, "Conjecture, Hypothesis, Theory, Law: The Basis of Rational Argument" - Evaluating the validity of scientific models and criticisms, whether about cosmology, or climatology, or physiology and the efficacy of CrossFit, requires an understanding of the terms conjecture, hypothesis, theory, and law. Jeff Glassman follows up on his video discussion of these in the November issue with a fuller written explanation of how these play into rational discussions of often-contentious topics.

Mark Rippetoe, "Back Squat Geometry, Part 2 (Video Article)" - This video article continues Rip's discussion of lifting mechanics from last month's journal issue. Taken together, the two videos offer a clear, down-to-earth explanation of how and why the principles of force, physics, and human physiology determine the positions that constitute good-safe, effective, and efficient-form for the barbell lifts.

Judy Geer, "Indoor Rowing Races" - The folks from Concept2 bring us information on the sport of indoor row racing and techniques for setting your race pace and preparing for a competition or PR attempt.


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1. Posted by Steve - CF Ocean City on December 4, 2007 3:16 PM

One of the best issues ever!

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