September 25, 2007

What About Recovery?, by Greg Glassman - January 05


For the record, my bad attitude towards any established corpus of recovery information stems from several quirks of my intellectual temperament and the nature of my clinical practice. It has been my professional experience that successful training protocols present themselves over time through superior performance among their adherents.

Repeatedly over my career exceptional performance has been easily and quickly rooted out and attributed to the particulars of the performer’s training regimen. A natural process of question and answer mines more potent strategies quickly: "Where does this guy come from; he learns so quickly?" "He’s a gymnast." "Why are these guys so much stronger than the others?" "They powerflifted for years." How did she get so lean so quickly? "By cutting her intake of high glycemic carbohydrate."

By watching, learning, asking, and experimenting we have been able to build a successful program whose methods were harvested entirely from elite performers. I want to ask, someday, "Who are those amazing athletes?" to which the answer comes, "the new resters."

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