July 1, 2007

July 2007 CrossFit Journal

Jun07 CFJ

The July 2007 CrossFit Journal issue (#59) is out.

Becca Borawski, "Greco-Roman Takedown: Wrestling with Dan Henderson" – Being a strong and skilled wrestler is all well and good (very good, in our opinion), but you gotta be able to get your opponent to the mat. For this month’s article, Becca Borawski spent a day with two-time Olympian wrestler Dan Henderson and his fighters at Team Quest MMA Fitness Center Temecula, California, working on (and photographing) technique for the Greco-Roman takedown.

Mike Burgener, with Tony Budding, "Teaching the Jerk, Part 3: Split Jerk Drills" – In the May and June issues, Coach Burgener and TonyB covered the two most important aspects of the split jerk separately—the jump (dip-drive), as performed with the barbell on the shoulders behind the neck, and then the proper landing position. This month’s article, the ninth in their series on teaching the Olympic lifts, shows how to put those together and gives some progressions that help develop a strong and confident clean and jerk.

Steve Cotter, "A Performance-Based Comparison of Kettlebell Methods" – Steve Cotter analyzes the efficacy of two contrasting kettlebell lifting styles—what he calls the "rigid style" that has predominated in the U.S. kettlebell community, on the one hand, and a more recently recognized (and more effective, he argues) "fluid style" preferred by gireviks such as Valery Fedorenko, on the other. Not to be missed.

Paul Eich, "My First CrossFit Certification Seminar" – Naval Aviator, athlete, and family man Paul Eich, whom you may know as "Apolloswabbie" if you are a regular reader of the WOD comments blog on CrossFit.com, attended the recent CF certification seminar in Vancouver, BC, and has a lot to say about it.

Judy Geer, "From Rowing Indoors to Rowing on the Water" – Most CrossFitters know and love (and sometimes hate) the Concept2 indoor rower. Judy Geer, wife and sister-in-law of Concept2’s founders and a former U.S. Olympic team rower in her own right, does too, but she also knows the unique beauty and power of the real deal, on the water.

Lon Kilgore, "The Most Powerful Human Being In the Entire Universe" – Here at CrossFit, we never tire of talking about power—that point where work and speed come together to create intensity. Prof. Kilgore helps refine the concept by getting specific about two flavors of power athletes need to understand—what he calls burst power and sustainable power.

Tony Leyland, "Principles of Physiologic Conditioning" – Prof. Leyland evaluates the traditional principles of exercise programming and adaptation—overload, specificity, reversibility, and individual differences—in the light of CrossFit’s principles and results. The two models shed useful light on one another, and the upshot bodes well for both.

Mark Rippetoe, "Silly Bullshit" – A broad-ranging, rip-ranting review of some of the sources of fitness misinformation and general silliness out there, from medical professionals who think they are also exercise professionals and academics actually in the field to muscle magazines, advertisers, Internet fitness sites, and the mainstream media. Rip in fine form.

Michael Rutherford, "Dumbbell Conditioning for Rotational Strength and Health" – The Dumbbell Coach presents his steps for improving rotational strength and health. With video clips demoing each of the moves he describes.

Kelly Starrett, "Hamstrung" – Kelly Starrett is a physical therapist, accomplished athlete, and CrossFit trainer, and he has therefore seen a lot of tight hamstrings. He knows you probably don’t like to stretch, but it is his mission to fix that. Here he explains how hamstring restriction impedes performance and function, tells us how to identify tight hamstrings with a few simple assessment tools, and, explains how to address the problem.

The Grinder, CrossFit FRAGO #12, "PALMER" – What if you wanted to do "Fight Gone Bad" with a whole mess of soldiers in an "austere" environment—i.e., no fancy rowing machines, no Dynamax medicine balls or wallball targets (or even walls), no barbells? This month’s Grinder has got you covered.


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