May 1, 2007

May 2007 CrossFit Journal

The May 2007 CrossFit Journal (issue #57) is out.

Lon Kilgore, "Putting the Physical Back into Education" – From his opening statement that "public school physical education stinks," Kilgore makes his position on the systemic failure of PE in the U.S. school system pretty clear. He talks about what got us into this boat, why we're still in it, and how we might begin to get out. Are the schools the next territory for a CrossFit insurgency? Imagine what that would that do for our kids!

Jeff Martone, "Turkish Get-Up: Part I" – Who doesn't love the Turkish get-up? In addition to building overall strength, flexibility, and body control, Martone argues that the TGU constitutes effective shoulder therapy (rehab & prehab). Martone does it with a kettlebell (of course) and breaks down the move into a simple progression of steps that just about anyone can follow.

Jon Gilson, "Implementing CrossFit at East Fork Fire" – The trials and tribulations of implementing CrossFit for some more of the folks who need it most.

Michael Rutherford, "Dumbbells from the Plank: How to Energize Your Push-up Training, Part II" – Coach Rut builds on last month's basic plank and push-up moves with dumbbells to offer some more challenging variations this month—including one his athletes have dubbed the "Stupid Rut Trick." See it—and all the moves he describes—in the video clips that accompany the article.

Becca Borawski, "Kicking" – In the final installment in her series on striking, Becca Borawski teaches—and Bridgett Riley demonstrates photographically—the push kick and roundhouse kick.

Tony Leyland, "Why You Should Sprint Train" – Prof. Leyland builds on his points about interval training from last month to make the case for regularly mixing short sprints into your training, for the particular benefits it offers in terms of energy pathway training, muscle fiber activation, and power development.

"The CrossFit Games : 3-2-1-Go!" – Coach Glassman has been known to claim to specialist athletes that well-developed CrossFitters "do your stuff nearly as well as you do; you can't do ours very well at all; and we do everything that we both don't do much better than you can." The first-ever CrossFit Games this summer (June 30-July 1) is a chance to put that statement to the test.

Mark Rippetoe, "Sex, Appearance, and Training" – It will come as no surprise to most CrossFitters than women and men both respond best to training that focuses on functionality and performance—despite the pop fitness industry's claims to the contrary. Rip rips on the silly nonsense often perpetrated in the name of gender difference and "training" for aesthetics and then talks about the few actual physical differences that do need to be taken into account in creating successful training programs for both sexes.

Mike Burgener with Tony Budding, "Teaching the Jerk" – Burgener and Budding's series on the fundamentals and finer points of Olympic lifting have taught us that the clean is essentially the same, technically, as the snatch. Now they make the same point about the jerk, explaining the hows and whys and breaking it down into a workable teaching progression.

Tyler Hass, "Applications of the Support on Rings" – The maker of the portable Elite Rings used by many CrossFitters lays out some moves for developing and extending skill in the support position on gymnastics rings and goes into detail on the proper way to do that CrossFit staple, the ring dip.

Greg Glassman, translated into Spanish by Pavel Saenz, "Fitness de Clase Mundial en 100 Palabras" – Coach Glassman's classic summation of the basics of effective fitness programming has always been inspiring in English. Pavel Saenz, proprietor of CrossFit Santiago in Chile, broadens the audience to the Spanish-speaking world. (Stay tuned in coming months for other languages.)

Angela Hart, "Rowing Workouts" – You've got your rowing technique dialed in, you know the classic CrossFit benchmark workouts that incorporate the rower—now what? Angela Hart, the director of the Concept2-affiliated Indoor Rowing Training and Certification Institute (and a CrossFitter herself) puts together some combinations that might not have occurred to you.

The Grinder, CrossFit FRAGO #10, "NOLAN" – This month's Grinder sends the soldiers on a pull-up and thruster combo that stretches the moves of "Fran" into a whole different time domain.


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