April 2, 2007

April 2007 CrossFit Journal

The April 2007 CrossFit Journal issue (#56) is out. No fooling.

Tyler Hass, "Support Strength on the Rings" - Tyler"s first article in a series on the details of gymnastics ring training fundamentals, with the intent of making ring training accessible to non-specialists and a part of broadly varied functional training. He starts at the beginning with a discussion of the support on rings.

Greg Glassman, "Understanding CrossFit" - Coach Glassman presents a concise statement of principles for CrossFit: aims, prescription, methodology, implementation, and adaptations.

Lon Kilgore, "What is Meaningful" - In thinking about how training results are accorded validity by both researchers in the lab and practitioners in the field, Prof. Kilgore explores the "deep chasm between the real world of training for peak performance and the ivory tower of exercise and sport science." This article helps sort out some of the questions about the gap between research and practice.

Steve Cotter, "The Crane Dip and Other Pistol Variations" - A how-to and why on the crane dip and other variations on the one-legged squat from kettlebeller and pistol master Steve Cotter.

Mike Burgener, with Tony Budding, "From the Snatch to the Clean" - Over the past several months, Coach B and Tony B have been walking us though the snatch in progressive pieces; this month they apply those lessons to the clean"an easy transition, based on precisely the same principles.

Becca Borawski, "Body Shots" - While kicks to an opponent's head and one-punch knockouts might make for great fight highlight reels, an opponent can be just as devastated by less-dramatic-looking punches to the body, such as the liver shot and uppercut to the body, examined closely in this month"s fight training article.

Tony Leyland, "Rest and Recovery in Interval-Based Exercise" - If you've ever wondered how long you should rest between sets or exercises in your workout, whether it's short sets of heavy lifting, multiple timed sprints, or any other organization that includes rest intervals, this is the article for you. The answer varies depending on the structure, content, and goals of your training; Leyland helps us understand how to sort out all the variables.

Peter Dreissigacker, "Indoor Rowing" Damper Settings and Workout Intensity" - A full explanation of what the damper on the Concept2 indoor rower is, how it works, and why it matters for your workout. From a man who should know-former Olympic team rower and Concept2 founder Peter Dreissigacker.

Michael Rutherford, "Dumbbells from the Plank: How to Energize Your Push-up Training" - Coach Rut combines some of the most versatile tools with some of the most basic functional movements in his article on dumbbell push-up and plank moves that you can do just about anywhere.

Jeff Martone, "Kettlebell Clean Combinations" - Martone follows up last month"s treatment of the KB clean with some variations on that move and some combinations and drills.

The Grinder: CrossFit Fragmentary Order #9, "GIROUARD" - This month's grinder brings together deadlifts, thrusters, and push-presses in a team workout format.


Comments: April 2007 CrossFit Journal
1. Posted by David Vessey on April 5, 2007 12:27 AM

Have to say, I love seeing the CADPAT in the GRINDER Op Orders.

Just curious though, is this Op Grinder named after Sgt. Major Girouard (http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2006/12/06/girouard-funeral-061206.html)? I'm currently at RMC and was in his son's squadron last year.

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