February 1, 2007

February 2007 CrossFit Journal


The February 2007 issue (#54) of the CrossFit Journal is out! Thirty-six pages of no-nonsense writing by some of the brightest lights in functional fitness, direct to your inbox.

Josh Everett, "UC Riverside Baseball Fall Strength and Conditioning" – The head strength and conditioning coach at UC Riverside reveals all the particulars of his CrossFit-infused training plan for the university's baseball team. See exactly what he's had them do, how he balances their training with their sport and their academic schedules, and how CrossFit has taken them to a new level of fitness and competitiveness. And if you like this one, be sure to tune in next month, when he gives a similar look into his work with the women's basketball team.

Tony Blauer/Yael Grauer, "Fight Training Fitness" – Grauer grills Blauer (hmm, both rhyme with power) on how to train for real-life fights. "The reality is," Blauer maintains, "that you can't practice real fighting; at best, you can simulate it." Check out the interview learn about what that means for fight training and how Blauer organizes his training to address that issue.

Becca Borawski, "The Jab and Right Cross" – Ring Girl starts throwing punches this month. With detailed instructions and full-color photos.

Mike Burgener, with Tony Budding, "Snatch Assistance Exercises" – Coach B follows up on last month's article about his eponymous warm-up sequence with a review of the four primary skill-transfer exercises for the snatch: the overhead squat, pressing snatch balance, heaving snatch balance, and snatch balance.

Tony Leyland, "The Myth of the Fat-Burning Zone" – There is no shortage of fitness myths to debunk, and this month Professor Leyland sets his sights on a central tenet of pop-fitness dogma on heart-rate-zone "cardio" training. Yet another one of the technical arguments for intensity, made crystal clear.

Peter Dreissigacker, "Row Fast: How to Prepare for an Erg Test" – Whether you've set a new year's training goal to hit a new PR on a rowing distance, want to improve your times on WODs that include rowing, or are just looking for programming and training ideas for specific events or competition on the rower or off, this article by Concept2 founder and competitive rower Peter Dreissigacker has something for you. A perfect companion piece to Coach Glassman's classic take on " Strategies for a 7-Minute 2K on the Concept II Rower" in the CrossFit Journal archives.

Jeff Martone, "Kettlebell Skills: H2H Tapping Drills" – Demonstrating that it takes more than strength and power to manhandle big Russian balls of iron, KB juggler and hand-to-hand guru Martone lays out a progression for also developing coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance by throwing your weights around.

Michael Rutherford, "The Dumbbell Snatch" – Coach Rut likes to throw his weights around too. This month, he puts some power behind his bells, elaborating on the virtues of three dumbbell snatch variations. Plus, he looks cool in sunglasses. (Or does he? Post your thoughts to comments.)

Jesse Woody, "Indoor Parkour Training" – What happens when you combine our own Monkey Boy Jesse Woody, weather that reduces the appeal of leaping off tall buildings, and his own brand new indoor gym? You get Parkour off the streets, of course. It's more accessible to those of us who haven't escaped the ties of gravity and so much fun that you (or your kids) might not even notice you're getting a darn good workout in the process.

Mark Rippetoe, "Conventional Wisdom and the Fitness Industry" – Mark Rippetoe gets downright polemical in his intelligent tirade on the silliness that pervades the fitness industry. The medical profession, the media, Joe Trainer at GloboGym, the world of academic exercise physiology, and embroidered polo shirts—all are fair game when Rip gets on a roll.

The Grinder : CrossFit Fragmentary Order #7, "DYER" – This month the soldiers get ground down by a series of runs and a descending ladder of calisthenics. No equipment required. You can get some anywhere, any time, with any size group.


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