January 2, 2007

January 2007 CrossFit Journal


The January 2007 issue (#53) of the CrossFit Journal is out!

Jeff Martone, "One-Arm Swings & Beyond" – Martone builds on his previous articles on improving your swing by taking it to single-arm and beginning "H2H" (hand-to-hand) moves. With instructional photos, of course.

Lon Kilgore, PhD, "Removing Interference" – We all know there can be some transitory bodily pain associated with CrossFit workouts, but Professor Kilgore also says "CrossFit makes my brain hurt." Here he puzzles over how CrossFit so effectively flies in the face of the conventional "wisdom" that strength training and aerobic endurance training must be done separately or they will interfere with one another. Why, he asks, can CrossFit-trained people get strong and aerobically fit when they regularly do strength-enhancing and VO2-max-enhancing work in the same workout?

Mike Burgener with Tony Budding, "The Burgener Warm-Up" – If you don't already know the Burgener Warm-Up, you should. Coach B and TonyB lay it out step-by-step, with photos and videos for each part of the sequence.

"Evidence-Based Fitness: Rest Day Discussion" – CrossFit founder Greg Glassman takes a rest-day discussion from the CrossFit.com WOD blog as an opportunity to elaborate on the empirical basis of CrossFit and the necessity for legitimate evidence-based fitness: "Until human performance data is made available the comparison of CrossFit to other programs is a debate not worth having." The posts by Glassman ("Coach"), "René," "BOA," and Michael Boyle, go to the heart of the debate over safety, efficacy, and efficiency in fitness programming and the need for an objective basis for evaluating competing fitness claims.

Scott Hagnas, "Bike Control Basics Part 4: Applying Freestyle Skills" – Scotty draws on his experience as an expert rider (and competitor) to bring moves from BMX freestyle to the rest of us and shows how they can be part of functional rides as well as showy ones.

Mark Rippetoe, "Training Advancement and Adaptation" – Rip teases us with an article about adaptation, the principle of diminishing returns, and how to design strength programs that actually work for different people. The tease is that this is just the conceptual tip of the more practical iceberg that he explores in his brand-new book Practical Programming for Strength Training.

Michael Rutherford, "Dumbbell Vertical Press" – "The Dumbbell Coach" goes back to basics, describing the vertical (overhead) press and why both double- and single-arm versions should be a regular part of your programming.

Becca Borawski, "Big John McCarthy's Ultimate Training Academy" – Ring Girl takes us inside the new Southern California dream gym of MMA fighter/trainer and preeminent UFC referee Big John McCarthy—which is also the home to new affiliate CrossFit Valencia. With tips for fighters from Big John himself.

Tony Leyland, "Body Composition: Not the Holy Grail" – After knocking the wind out of VO2 max testing last month, in this issue Prof. Leyland sets his sights on body fat measurement, questioning both the accuracy and the relevance of the numbers. What is the relationship between body composition and fitness anyway?

"The Grinder: CrossFit Fragmentary Order #6, GOMEZ" - This month's "Grinder" gives a detailed operations plan for a team workout of thrusters, pull-ups, and running that can be done in any environment, from the luxurious to the austere.


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1. Posted by Nom Olsen on June 19, 2008 9:24 PM

This greeting for Pastor norm Olsen (retired): Norm, many years, like water, have flowed under the bridge. Seveal months ago, I watched a few of your video presentations and they were well done. Just want to mke dontdt once more After all, tempus fugit (time flies). Drop me a line and update: Don Baron simuliustus@gmail.com

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