CrossFit Challenges
These are the CrossFit Challenges that have been completed and the people who completed them!

1. Do ten consecutive muscle-ups without touching ground.
Kawika Bennett!

2. Do 21 consecutive "thrusters" (deep front sqauat to push-press) with dumbbells totaling 1/2 your body weight.
Cameron Earle!

3. Beat Philippe Kahn's 1:26.0 500 meter Concept II row.
Garth Taylor - 1:25.5 !

4. Vertical leap 1/2 your body height.
Staton Gibson IV - 5'11"; 36" leap!

5. Run 1 mile and bench-press you body weight 21 reps all within ten minutes.
Dave McEvoy - 5:42 !

6. Row 500 meters THEN perform a set of 20 STRICT pull-ups both within 4 minutes.
Rory Duane - 3:09.56!
Sam Paschel - 3:49.47 !

7.Bench press your weight 30 times. Of course, this is a single set.
Dave Warren - 185 pounds

8. 15 Handstand push-ups on the rings. Contact with the straps/cables is cool, climbing them with the legs is an immediate DQ.
Jim Bathurst, October 2007

All of the CrossFit Challenges to date have been completed. Time to issue new challenges!
Congratulations to all the challenge-winners.