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The CrossFit Trainer Certification was begun in November 2002 at the behest of U.S. Department of Justice personnel following a directive from the Attorney General's office to "check out CrossFit." Today there are more than 500 CrossFit trainers worldwide.

That first certification seminar had two attendees and six trainers. By February 2006, the number of attendees had risen to 160 and the training staff to 40. Consistent with our charter, the expanded certification seminar included subject matter experts presenting on and instructing in weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, parkour, and other disciplines represented in CrossFit.

While the expanded format gave attendees invaluable access and exposure to CrossFit's constituent disciplines, we feel the trade-off —less exposure to CrossFit fundamentals and an increasing student-to-instructor ratio, coupled with the increased scale of the seminar—did not ideally support the quality control paramount to the value of the CrossFit Trainer Certification.

To ensure the quality of our certification, we have decoupled the trainer certification seminar from the constituent discipline training to form two seminar types.

Our Certification Seminars are limited to 30 participants, with 12 trainers. They focus on assuring participants maximum exposure to CrossFit basics, consistent with our commitment to producing the world's most effective fitness trainers, focused on fundamentals, mastery, and virtuosity.

Additionally, we offer larger-venue Training Seminars featuring the best coaches and trainers from a growing roster of CrossFit constituent disciplines who will provide instruction in the rudiments of weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, Parkour, kettlebells, rowing, track and field, swimming, climbing, and the martial arts.

Our One-Day Virtuosity Workshops are non-certification workshops taught by a variety of coaches and hosted by private facilities (CrossFit affiliates, in many cases). They focus on developing virtuosity in the fundamentals, and can be oriented toward skill development in athletes or coaching development in trainers. The purpose is to make continual education more accessible by bringing the training out to the community at a wide range of locales and at reasonable cost. The host pays a flat fee (typically in the $1250$1750 range) plus travel expenses for the coach(es) and then sets its own size limits and fees for participants.

Instructor/Trainer Certificate (Levels I, II and III):
Each two-day course covers CrossFit's conceptual foundations, the techniques and mechanics of functional movement, and the application and implementation of the CrossFit method.
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CrossFit Coach's Certificate:
CrossFit's top honor is awarded to individuals whose efforts have significantly expanded the CrossFit community, advanced the CrossFit methodology, and developed standout athletes.


June 5th - 9th
CrossFit Seminar
1SFG, Okinawa

June 11th
CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar with Roger Harrell
Novato CA

July 15th - 16th
CrossFit Training Seminar
San Diego CA

July 22d - 23d
CrossFit Certification Seminar
San Diego, CA

August 12th - 13th
CrossFit Certification Seminar
Atlanta, GA

Aug 26th - 27th
CrossPit Certification Seminar
San Diego CA

September 16th - 17th
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification
Vista, CA

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