"Experience tells you what to do, confidence allows you to do it."
- Stan Smith

This gentlemen is proposing a new technique for the high jump. What he doesn't know is that the high jump rules requiring the athlete to take off on one foot and approach on a curve were designed to keep gymnasts from dominating the sport. Any high school gymnast of merit can break world high jump records by a foot and a half if allowed to approach head on and take of on two feet. Who's going to tell Mr. Kuiper?




Workout of the Day


Perform this circuit for three rounds.

With dumbbells totaling 1/3 your bodyweight lunge twenty steps (alternating left-right), immediately
Clean dumbbells to shoulder and front squat push-press to overhead ("Thruster") twenty times, immediately jump up to pull-up bar and perform twenty pull-ups.
Rest three minutes.


1. Measure your pace so that “Thrusters” begin directly under your pull-up bar.
2. Each step of the lunge should drop the trailing knee so that it "kisses" the ground.
3. "Thrusters" begin in a deep squat and end in full hip, leg, and arm extension.
4. No crappy pull-ups. Adam's apple to bar at top, arms completely extended at bottom.
5. The twenty pull-ups are consecutive pull-ups. You don't come down from the bar until they're done. Have someone assist you minimally if assistance is required.


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