"Is this one of those workouts that make you puke?"
-CrossFit Athlete

IronMInd sells strength-training equipment and publishes a journal, Milo. Everything Dr. Strossen and IronMind has put together has been reputable, interesting, and valuable. Read through their site carefully and certainly order a catalog. The IronMind catalog is arguably the best catalog in the fitness industry. At www.ironmind.com check out the list of institutional clients to see what kind of reputation this small company has.

Max set of pull-ups

Run 800 meters

Max set of pull-ups

Run 400 meters

Max set of pull-ups

Run 200 meters

Report entire time for workout and total for pull-ups.

Run 800 meters two times

Sit-ups & Back Extension, superset three sets

Bench Press five sets all at ten reps, total weights

Jump-rope practice double under for ten minutes

Clean & Jerk 5 good singles
Rest as warranted

Drive through 3 Rounds of this circuit:
Rope Climb (1 "Climb")
Push-press 10 reps

2-Minute 2 Arm Kettlebell Swing