The more you know the less you need to say.

Jim Rohn
(American Businessman, Author, Speaker, Philosopher)

Rowing ergometer tips:

Clean and Jerk (Deadlift, hang-clean, push-press if you must) 15,12, and 9 reps of 50-100% of your bodyweight.

Snatch 15,12, and 9 reps.

Climb a thousand to two thousand foot climb on your mountain bike or road bike.

Sent report as to your lift and climb. Who can plow through both fastest?

Back extension 15-15-15 slow and pretty. Snake or wave up.

Dumbbell "thruster" from 10" box 20-15-10 max weight each set. No "rocking up" or "plunking down".

1000 meter row.

(Thruster is a front-squat/push-press combo movement.)

Perform three rounds of this couplet for time.
Deadlift body weight 15 reps
Row 500 meters