"Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one."
- Bobby "Asshole" Knight

National Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine has stumbled on to the basics:


Workout of the Day


Set the Concept II Rower for intervals of two minutes of work and two of rest.
During the work row an easy 500+ meters .
During the "rest" powerclean as much of your bodyweight as you can 15 reps.
Before the two minute "rest" is over, get back to the Rower and strap in before timer zeroes.
On zero begin rowing immediately.
Continue this for a total of twenty minutes or five rounds of the couplet.


1. All Rowing efforts must be better than 500 meters, i.e., less than 2:00 minute 500 meter pace.
2. No late starts on the rowing intervals.
3. Your fitness can be scored by the percentage of bodyweight you use for all five efforts.
4. The powerclean is a hang clean, actually.
5. You are very welcome.



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