Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.
Jules Renard

Here courtesy of Dave Draper is an excerpt from Kubik's Dinosaur Training, a cult favorite among good strength and conditioning coaches.

Tabata Squat, 20 sec's on/10 sec's off X 8 intervals = 4 mins, record total of all eight intervals.

Rest 2 minutes.

Push-press 1/3 bodyweight 50 reps.

Rest 2 minutes.

Perform Tabata total from earlier, in one set, in less than 4 minutes.

Rest 2 minutes.

Two minutes push press with 1/3 bodyweight (max reps within two minutes).



Snatch 5 good singles
Rest as warranted

Drive through 3 Rounds of this circuit:
Dips 15 reps
Powerclean 15 reps


2-Minute Roman Chair Medicine Ball Throw Sit-up.

How long for ten rounds of this circuit?

Five Pull-ups
Five Push-ups
Five Squats (free-squat or "air squat")
Five Sit-ups (on Roman Chair/Glute-Ham Developer)
Five Back Extensions

1. No cheating, super-clean technique.