"I feel discombobulated."

- BJ Penn

Gymnasts make easy work of other athlete's ab routines. We want to take from them all we can. Over time master each of these movements. Here is USA Gymnastics on sit-up progressions:


Workout of the Day


5 Sets of pull-ups. Fast-slow-fast-slow-fast. The fast ones are fast and sloppy; the slow ones are excruciatingly perfect. This is, of course, high rep and low rep, alternating.

The following circuit contains three elements and is a powerful whole body workout. Each element is 45 seconds with a fifteen second rotation (not one second more or you start over).

Make five rotations. That's exactly fifteen minutes. If you don't know the elements you haven't been paying attention. (It's partly our fault; we're working on a page of descriptions and illustrations.)

Email us for details if you can't find them off of the archived routines and links.

"Wall Ball"

Hollow Rock

Romanian Deadlift/Upright Row combo movement

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