If you are doing something you do not enjoy, such as a certain type of work because you need the money for school, your family, or whatever, and find yourself complaining and feeling hard done by, then you are enduring a life of conflict. You either have to change your thinking or your job. When you choose to do something for a certain benefit such as money, complaining while you are doing it is, of course, a waste of energy and time and is self-destructive.

Philip Winkelmans

Ketogenic diets and epilepsy

Back ground on ketogenic diets as therapy:


Thanks to Brian Mulvaney!

Run a 5K for time

Perform a max single rep bench press and within thirty seconds of racking weight perform max set of pull-ups.

Multiply bench press load by pull-up reps for “useful upper body strength index” – a CrossFit original!

Test again in five minutes.