Other than steroid use I cannot think of a single contribution to athletic performance coming from the sport science community."
- Coach Glassman

Research shows that high intensity exercise improves neural function. No surprise. http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/0093.htm



Complete 3-5 rounds of this couplet:

Wall-ball 90 seconds, max pace.
Pull-ups, max reps.
Rest 3 minutes.

1. No rest between wall-ball and pull-ups.
2. If you don't have twenty pull-ups fresh, use assistance on the pull-ups of 1/3 bodyweight.


Complete five rounds of this couplet:

Deadlift, 10 reps.
Push-ups, 30 reps.
Rest 2 minutes.

1. No rest between deadlift and push-ups.
2. Select max 10 rep load.

Complete three rounds of this couplet:

Hang Powerclean, fifteen reps, 50% bodyweight.
Row, 500 meters.
Rest 5 minutes.

1. Try to complete each round within 150 seconds.