"Perhaps the greatest satisfaction in cycling has been to discover that there are few things you can't do as long as you're willing to apply yourself."
- Greg LeMond

Good dips.

exercise_animated_demo_popup/0,3132,1_di_295,00.html Shitty dips.


Can you do 10 (20 anyone?) rounds of this couplet without stopping or stalling at all? (Try anyways, time it.)

10 kettlebell swings followed immediately by 5 pull-ups.

Alternate exercises for seven sets of each. Easy pace. Bench press, 7 reps
Sit-ups 30 reps.

Alternate exercises for 5 sets of each.

Hang Clean/Front Squat (combined move) 10 reps at bodyweight.
Rope Climb, twice up and down with touch and go only on bottom. (Doubles climbing length)

Rest after rope as needed, not between clean/squat and rope!