When you blame others you give up your power to change.

~ Author Unknown ~

Here is a good article on hamstring anatomy and physiology that I recommend you all read. Mr. Poliquin is a first tier trainer. The anatomy here is indispensable. The physiology is good. The exercise prescription is OK.



Workout of the Day

Today is metabolic conditioning:

Warm-up through stretching then,

Row 500 meters

Rest 10 minutes

Row 1000 meters

Rest 10 minutes

Row 2000 meters

Rest 10 minutes

Hang from pull-up bar and slowly touch toes to bar 20 times

Back extension 20 reps

Rest 1 minute

50 sit-ups, use ab mat

Back extension 20 reps

Rest 1 minute

25 Pike-ups (laying face up flex rapidly at the hip only touching the toes before unfolding, minimize trunk flexion)

30 slow reverse back extensions (lie across something dangling legs and hips freely then slowly without throwing bring legs and hips up to parallel, hold and relax)

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