"Man is not cut out for defeat. Man can be destroyed but not defeated." E. Hemingway

We included this link from this same thread about two weeks ago. Not enough of you paid close enough attention, so we are including it again. There is a gold mine of information here about proper training of your abdominal muscles. This is must reading! http://www.abmat.com/intro.htm

Workout of the Day


Row a 2K for a personal best.

We will continue today on our recurrent theme of core-focus.

1) Hanging from the pull-up bar SLOWLY lean back and lift your feet towards your hands until your tows gently touch the bar. Repeat for a total of twenty times.

2) Arch rock for one minute. If you've forgotten what the arch rock is go to: http://www.audiblefaith.com/artists/rharrell/gympag/condstr.html

(You are supposed to be practicing for the moves on this page regularly anyway!!

3) Fifty sit-ups with substantial support (towel or abmat, etc.) under the lumbar spine. Knees up and apart, feet together.

4) Thirty back extensions.

5) Hollow Rocks for sixty seconds. Again if you've forgotten: http://www.audiblefaith.com/artists/rharrell/gympag/condstr.html

6) 20 Stiff legged deadlifts. These are performed with an arched back! From the stand, bow down letting the chest lag behind as far as possible. Do not surrender the arch in your lower back. Done right you won't get anywhere near the floor with the barbell. If your mechanics are correct you will feel an extraordinary tightness in the hamstrings.

7) Hold an L for sixty seconds. Repeat two times for a total of three efforts.

8) Twenty five times perform a "hug-a-twinky". If you don't know the movement here it is: http://www.audiblefaith.com/artists/rharrell/gympag/condstr.html

Some of you may be tempted to slough off the moves that you can't perform. You need to understand that what you can't do here clearly defines your deficiencies as an athlete. Any reasonably conditioned athlete can do all of these without much difficulty. If you find a chink in your armor, work daily on correcting it.

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