"There is no scientific evidence to suggest that 'periodization' is superior to intervals of high-intensity strength training, and rest. Nor is there any evidence to support the absurd principles of periodization, which claim that different numbers of sets and repetitions, performed with different percentages of 1RM, with different rest periods between sets and exercises, will specifically effect different variables such as muscle size, strength, power, endurance, or definition. How long the periodization myth is perpetuated is dependent on the public's acceptance of nitwittery -- probably, in perpetuity."

Dr. Ralph Carpinelli

Dr. Ralph Carpinelli is at the heart of the H.I.T. vs. Periodization controversy. Here is Dr. Carpinelli on multiple vs. single sets:


Anyone interested in exercise program design and prescription ought to put "high+intensity+training+periodization" (without the quotation marks) into a good search engine (like Google) and spend a few hours pouring over the results. Bring your thoughts to the CrossFit forum. Guaranteed to be thought provoking!!

3 Passes of the following circuit.

Dips max reps

Lunge 20 Steps

Push-press max reps @ 1/3 bodyweight

Lunge 20 Steps

HS Push-ups max reps

Lunge 20 Steps