Pick up any book on nutrition, flip to the index, and look up insulin and hyperinsulinism. If there is nothing there the book is pure bull-shit, put it down.”
- Coach Glassman

More than a few of you emailed me asking, “where in the world am I ever going to get $2.95”, so here is the Gary Taubes, New York Times piece, in its entirety, for FREE (courtesy of the great Dr. Atkins. Again, this is a watershed moment in health journalism. This is the first article by a respected journalist in a major media outlet to stand up and shout, “the emperor is naked.” http://atkinscenter.com/Archive/2002/7/9-672214.html

How many pull-ups can you do in twenty minutes doing three at a time?
Rest 10 minutes.
How many push-ups can you do in twenty minutes doing five at a time?

Perform three rounds:
Deadlift 1-3-5 reps
Box Jump, 20” box, 30 reps
Rest as needed.
1. Set up three bars: one moderate load, one heavy load, and one super-heavy load.
2. Don’t rest between lifts or before box jump. Rest after box jumps.

How many rounds can you complete in thirty minutes?
Bench press 50% B.W. X 10 reps
Rope Climb, 1 trip, no legs
1. If you still aren’t fit enough to climb without your legs figure out why and do something about it.