"Optimizing fitness is a product of regular workouts whose intensity is only briefly sustainable. Two hour strength and conditioning sessions are a farce."

Coach Greg Glassman

Washington State University Department of Athletics joins the small chorus of coaches espousing sensible nutrition:


Workout of the Day


Back Squat, Tabata Intervals, 10" Box

Dips, max set

Back Squat, total from Tabata effort, 10" Box, single set

Dips, max set


1)Perform the Tabata Squats with 45 to 95 lbs, work for twelve reps at each of the eight intervals.

2)On the second set of Squats perform in a single set the total (96, hopefully) performed in all eight Tabata Intervals.

3)Rest no more than two minutes after both Squat efforts.

4)Anyone ready for "L" Dips? Whose got 30?


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