"Questions like, 'what does this work?' clearly imply a focus on form versus function. And, training for form rather than function is the plague that is preventing more athletes from optimizing performance than any demon outside fad diets."

- Coach Greg Glassman

Read this and tell us, "what diet do you think it is that contributes to these problems?"

Hint: It's not The Zone.


Complete three rounds of this circuit:

Box Jump twenty-five jumps in sixty seconds, then immediately

Powerclean 15 reps.

Rest sixty seconds.

No rest during jumps or powercleans. Each round is about three minutes including rests.

Fit: 20" box and 50% bodyweight powerclean

Superfit: 26"; box and 75% bodyweight powerclean

CrossFit: 32" box and 100% bodyweight powerclean


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