"If you ask a fifty-goal scorer what the goalie looks like, he'll say the goalie's just a blur. But if you ask a five-goal scorer, he'll say the goalie looks like a huge glob of pads. A five-goal scorer can tell you the brand name of the pad of every goalie in the league. I'm seeing the net, he's seeing the pad."
- Wayne Gretzky

"Eating", an essay by Tom Moody. http://www.sju.edu/~tmoody/eating.htm


Workout of the Day


In any order and within thirty minutes:

Row a 1K, max effort.
Kettlebell Swing max reps (without stopping).
Pull-ups, max reps.


1. As an indication of the intensity we are looking for and as a challenge, who out there can perform 50 kettlebell swings with 2 "pood" kettlebell, row a 3:10 1K, and perform the 30 pull-ups in one set?
If you can you are among the worlds fittest athletes.
2. Submit row time, k'bell reps, and pull-up count for ranking. Entire workout must finish within thirty minutes. First place wins CrossFit T-shirt.


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