"I got where I am with sufficient talent and then simply by wanting it more and working harder to get it. And to keep it."
- Dennis Conner

Here are two sites for pole vaulters featuring exercises and drills of outstanding value for any athlete.
http://web.mit.edu/hwtaylor/mtfxc/Polevault/Vaulters.html, http://www.advantageathletics.com/pullturnpush.html





Workout of the Day


Perform 5 rounds of this circuit for time:
Bench Press, 10 reps
Rope Climb, leg free, in "L"
20 Sit-ups


1. Pick a 10RM load for bench and use for each set.
2. On rope climb if feet drop below hips on way up or down, climb four times each round.
3. Add one minute to time for each rep below ten on all five sets.
4. Perform sit-ups on glute-ham bench or Roman Chair.


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