"All miseries derive from not being able to sit quitely in a room alone."
- Blaise Pascal

Fitness Yale style. Good basics. http://www.yale.edu/athletic/Strength/implications.htm

Run one minute turn around and run back. "1 in/1 out"

Rest as needed.

Front Squat / Push-Jerk 3-5-7-5-3 reps

Rest as needed.

"1 in/1 out"


1. For 1in/1out, set watch to continuous countdown mode for one minute. It will beep every minute in this mode. Start run and make mental note of location at turn around.
Push hard enough that you cannot make it back in one minute, i.e., done right you come in "late."
2. Pick tough three rep load. Hold for all five sets.
3. Try for same one minute "outspot" on second run. Again record time "late" on return. Compare to first run.
4. If you don't want to run substitute 500 meter row or 5 minutes stairclimb or 5 minute cycle.