"If you aren't playing well, the game isn't as much fun. When that happens I tell myself just to go out and play the game as I did when I was a kid."
- Tom Watson

Low rep/heavy load training is agreed to be ideal for developing strength. High rep/low load training (bike, run, swim, row) is agreed to be ideal for developing cardio respiratory endurance. Yet moderate load/moderate rep training seems to have little regard in the training community. This is an absurdity that cannot be logically defended. Peter Twist, strength and conditioning coach for the Vancouver Canucks understands this: http://www.playyourgame.com/overload.html

Warm-up ten minutes (bike, row, run, etc....)

Push-press, 15-10-5-3-3-3 reps.


Push-press, two minutes.


1. Start very light, work to heavy. Fifteen rep set and ten rep set are warm-ups.
2. With each set increase rest between sets as load increases and reps decrease.
3. Final effort is with plateless bar. Looking for max heart rate. Don't stop.